Tips for Remodel a bathroom Without a Total Reconstruction

Diy with regard to Bathroom Wall Remodeling by Timmy

In the bathroom remodel, your creativity necessary to create a more pleasant and more comfortable. You can also feel the convenience to run activities in the bathroom with a very comfortable and enjoyable. There are a few simple ideas to Remodel a bathroom To be more convenient and even Remodel the bathroom Without a Total Reconstruction to beautify the interior design of your dream home.

How to Remodel a bathroom Without a Total Reconstruction, just follow this simple tips below:
If you have a bathroom that is long enough not renovated? Probably the style and models was outdated. Means its time to turning them all out, and it could have been without the total reconstruction. The budget could be suppressed and seemed to have a new bathroom!

We will present 9 bathroom idea that renovated following today’s style. Can start with paint color changed, laying a few things and much more. Let’s test your creativity and refer to the pictures below:


A new color on the walls or on floor tiles provide enough new shades in the bathroom. Start by playing the texture on the wall, for example given a rock wall or floor tiles with natural wood-textured. You can also replace the old furniture with similar colored. The atmosphere feels warmer and certainly fancy!

Update Privacy

Alternative Wood Blinds for Bathroom Blinds With Wood Pleated Material

Does Your shower curtain is already starting to fade in color or RIP-thus torn in some places? If its material is made of fabric then it is indeed like that. Then the idea of replacing the blinds with wood pleated material like in the example is a brilliant idea. More durable, not prone to water. The colour is also beautiful, adding to your privacy in the bathroom.


High Gloss Acrylic Walls Surrounds Tub & Shower with regard to Bathroom With Red Ceiling

Your bathroom has only one color? Its time to gives a contrast effect! Just for example cheery red color on the roof. If the rooms are narrow like this, then you should play the color also very be careful. If too many it will be full and suffocating. If you want to get creative again, replace the standard mirror with other shapes such as round or oval.

Elegant and Surprising

A beautiful mirror or a series of mirrors with elegant design could be the sweetener in the bathroom of your home. Simple and classic, adding to the impression of elegance as well as a surprising twist. Wall color is pretty plain white, add also the counter sink from dark-colored marble. To provide freshness, put potted plants are also a great idea.

New furniture needed in the bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a rather bathroom or broad enough, then some furniture can be included. Like this towel rack. Using of color can be more freely, even several color at once will be no problem. Green, beige, black marble apparently becoming homeowners selections. How is it, you are interested to copy this idea?


Wicker Vanity Chair Bathroom Round Shape Gold Sink Idea Powder for Artistic Bathroom

See the next example, it suited for women. Table sink as belonging to the Princess of the Kingdom, with beautiful color and textured walls. Mirror framed with Gold color, bring unparalleled luxury. Artistic, stylish and certainly make you happy to linger in this corner.


Imagine if you have a bathroom that had LED lights under the counter sink, with blue pastel colour! Wow really eccentric and futuristic isn’t it? and coupled with textured walls, is becoming a new trend. Modern minimalist home, play of light and texture. Amaze guests who come to visit and put on your home’s bathroom.

Suitable For Small Apartment

Are You live in an old apartment with size not too large? Actually bathrooms in that there just need a reorganized and renovated in some parts. For example in the bathroom below. The addition of hanging shelves and sink desk that has drawers underneath, making increasingly neat storage. The floor can also be replaced with wood-texture like this. It is very suit with small size bathroom and not much room.

An Unexpected Element

Bathroom combines Asian style of the wall of separation between the sink with the toilet. Made of solid iron, paint color is also firmly which are black. It became an unexpected element because there are rarely iron the material exist in the bathroom. Unique and interesting.

Renovate the House did make its owner enthusiast. Such as getting something new, but don’t have to buy a lot of things. Hopefully inspire